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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions



Customer services to be rendered by MiLE are stipulated in a special contract. Besides those specially stipulated services, the following terms and conditions apply:


If not agreed otherwise, invoices are immediately due net, upon receipt of the completed work.


We are not liable for the functional contents of the original of our work, received from the customer. This also applies for any actions, carried out by us in the name of the customer, e. g. mailing services.

If requested, the customer is obliged to hand in and confirm all relevant order information in writing.

Appointments have to be cancelled 5 working days prior to the set date. In case of non-observance of this time frame, we are compelled to invoice the agreed number of working hours.


We are only liable for our damages which result from proven negligent violation.

We are not liable for:

- Interruptions of contractual work due to adverse conditions (such as
  force majeure, service interruption etc).

- Transmission errors between the company and the client, should the
  contractual arrangements have been carried out orally.

- Delay of transmissions due to internal problems at the local or
  international post authorities or other electronic transmission
  providers, which we can not influence.


Any changes and/or supplements of the contract are to be made in writing.          .


Place of jurisdiction: Fürth/Bayern

March 2011

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